Don Appetit - exploring new design flavours

Website redesign


Don Appetit is a slovak gastronomy portal offering a listing of restaurants and culinary experiences in the local area. I was approached by Brackets to help them with the redesign of the website. The brief was simple: give it a fresh, new look while making sure the personal tone of voice of 'Don Appetit' is felt throughout the site.


Although I was primarily tasked with a visual redesign, I helped with solving some of the interaction challenges as well. The major work was done around searching and browsing of the restaurants in the area based on extensive filtering options.


Bon Appetit from Don Appetit

To make sure the presence of Don Appetit - a character that guides you throughout the website and gives you useful contextual tips - didn't lose it's its personality within the site's content, we created a visual metaphor of speech bubbles with custom iconography.


No vanilla experiences

Apart from the extensive filtering options, the ability to browse per popular categories and search within a map, the redesign introduced a whole new culinary experiences section, a blog, and an option for any restaurant owner to create his listing with weekly or a la carte menu and presentation images.

The colaboration on this project was one of the smoothest I have experienced to date. It's possible that the stars aligned. By which I mean the client, the agency and the designer became one.)


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